lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014


BECAS para ESTUDIANTES de Escuelas Secundarias

The Corelli International Academic School of the Arts is very proud and happy to announce Scholarship Program to new international students. Our domestic Scholarship Program has been a great success and we are now ready to support young people from overseas wishing to study at The Corelli School! Any student who applies for 2 terms or longer placement is eligible for the scholarship discount and only will have to pay the following Tuition Fees:
Year 1 - 6     NZ$ 11,000.00 per year (regular fee - 19,000.00 per year)
Year 7 - 9     NZ$ 13,000.00 per year (regular fee - 22,000.00 per year)
Year 10 - 13 NZ$ 15,000.00 per year (regular fee - 26,000.00 per year)

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